Artist - Nancy E. von Hone - Artist
Recent Works - Pastel Paintings
Clock Tower Sunset
Clock Tower Sunset
8" x 12"
Country Road
Country Road
10" x 14"
Corporation Beach
Corporation Beach
8" x 10"
produced by Westborough TV
"Stylistically speaking, von a painterly realist...Her critical eye gives each painting a perfect sense of balance...but color is her forte. From brooding nocturnals to radiant sunsets and icy blue lakes with crystalline skies, she utilizes color in a dramatic way to make her subjects compelling."          ~  Worcester Magazine 
I approach my art work as food for my soul – a refuge from the chaotic demands of everyday life.  The sense of “calm in the storm” that I feel while creating my paintings is the same feeling I hope my paintings bring to the viewer."    
                          ~  Nancy E. von Hone,  
                         Boylston, Massachusetts
 "Largely self-taught, the Boylston resident captures skies and sunsets with the exacting precision of a photographer and the swelling emotions of a poet.
 Massive orange-tinged thunderclouds darken the skies over Sedona. As fleecy clouds settle over the Happy River, azure skies stretch across Tibetan plains to the far horizon. A stone tower squats atop a rocky precipice overlooking the gray Atlantic beneath gun-metal skies." 
~  MetroWest Daily News

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